Dark Estate Series

Peter Werrenrath is the accomplished author of the “Dark Estate” series. His central character, Christian Holst, is smart, quirky and flawed tech guru turned real estate entrepreneur. Christian grew up in a winemaking family in Northern California, and is currently living with his life love, Alyssa. They share a bungalow-style house in the beautiful Belmont Shore community of Long Beach, California. They also share their adventures as they live life, exploring interesting ideas and people around them, creating stronger bonds with every challenge.


Currently completed or in the works

0-DARK ESTATE LOGO-HIGHER-TEAL NIGHT-WITH CAT2Dark Estate A riveting look at how technology and greed can cause even the most honorable people to go out of control.



BOGLE OLD VINE ZIN LOGO-2-FROM WEBSITE-COLORED PENCILTerroir Estate: Romantic vineyards turn deadly, and lives are upended when greed makes for strange drinking partners.



QUETZAL3Dark Mission: Music is the universal language of love, but strange goings on around a ravaged historic inn and mythical birds are the seeds for mysteries to be solved.



FJORD-CHARCOAL DEFAULTValhalla Estate: Christian investigates his family’s past, not realizing that he might turn up ancestors he may not be proud of.



NIGHT TRAIN SIDE VIEW-STYLIZEDDark Coast: Christian and Alyssa take the night train up the California shoreline from Los Angeles to Portland on the “Coast Starlight”. It turns into an Agatha Christie-like adventure, and their families will never be the same after.


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